RISE Technical Abstracts

Through the RISE program, mechanical engineering undergraduate students leverage our state-of-the-art facilities working alongside internationally-renowned faculty to tackle cutting edge projects that impact our society. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS) is the accumulation of the students’ work.

During the day, seniors in ME 490 will present their RISE projects in 20 minute presentations. Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions and ask probing questions!

Sophomores and juniors conclude their projects with a poster session during the evening reception, where students will be available to discuss their projects in detail. The posters will also be on display during the day, if you are unable to attend the reception.

The public is invited to peruse the posters, attend presentations, and interact with the students throughout the day.

Complete poster and presentation schedule details can be found in the Symposium Schedule. RISE project technical abstracts can be viewed below.

Posters (ME 290 and 390)

Using Machine Learning to Improve Cycle Life of Lithium Batteries
Student: William Jones Instructor: Wei Lu
Characterization of normal and planar anisotropy in AA2024-T351 using a Macroscopic model
Student: Parth Agrawal Instructor: Alan Taub
Origami with Metamaterial Inclusions for Lattice Reconfiguration – Metamaterial Inclusion Design and
Student: Erica Liu Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
Experimental realization of topological mechanical metamaterials
Student: Muhammad Khan Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
Design of Novel Upper Arm Prosthesis
Student: Colter Korsmoe Instructor: Shorya Awtar
Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of 2 DOF Parallel Kinematic Articulated Wrist Mechanisms
Student: Mohammad Monem Instructor: Shorya Awtar
Design of a Novel Prosthetic Wrist
Student: Evelyn Sorgenfrei Instructor: Shorya Awtar
Fault Prediction in FDM 3D Printers Using Machine Learning
Student: Kyle Wilkinson Instructor: Chinedum Okwudire
Parametric study of axisymmetric bumps for water harvesting
Student: Justin Ramlall Instructor: Solomon Adera
Reconfigurable Metastructures for Elastic Wave Control towards Energy Harvesting
Student: Eric Shen Instructor: Serife Tol
B100 Biodiesel Optimization Study
Student: Madhav Bhat Instructor: Andre Boehman
Automotive Fuel and Combustion Technology
Student: Enzhong Wang Instructor: Andre Boehman
Ureter Peristalsis
Student: Haotian Xie Instructor: Bill Schultz
Optimization of Optic Lenses
Student: Phyllis Alinsao Instructor: Serife Tol
Soft Material Characterization Using 3D Techniques
Student: Rebecca Cuomo Instructor: Jonathan Estrada
Developing a Y-Shaped Cutting Device to Experimentally Determine Cutting Properties of Blood Clots
Student: Sophia Newton Instructor: Jonathan Estrada
sEMG Testing to Characterize MS triggers and mitigation
Student: Sneha Ojha Instructor: Shorya Awtar

Paper Sessions (ME 490)

1. Biomechanics and biomedical engineering

Adaptive Design for Human Mobility
Student: John Oraa Instructor: Jingwen Hu
Preemptive Motion-Sickness Mitigation
Student: Daniel Yan Instructor: Shorya Awtar
Design of Prostheses for Human Knee Articulation
Student: Reid Backus Instructor: Albert Shih
Electronic Shocks
Student: Hector Clarke Instructor: Elliott Rouse
Estimating the Mechanical Impedance of the Human Legs During Hopping
Student: Valerie Smith Instructor: Elliott Rouse
Design of a Novel Prosthetic Wrist
Student: Vasil Iakimovitch Instructor: Shorya Awtar
Visualizing Telematic Music Performance
Student: Katherine Martin Instructor: Brent Gillespie

2. Design

Waterproof Enclosure Design
Student: Noah Lichtenberg Instructor: Jon Luntz
MDP: Advanced Controls for Refrigeration
Student: Shivastu Kartik Instructor: Kazu Saitou
On-Orbit Augmentation Components for Satellites
Student: Rachel Li Instructor: Eric Johnsen
Extending Satellite Life via Deployable Solar Arrays and Non-destructive Attachment
Student: Rohan Valluri Instructor: Eric Johnsen
Investigating Design Students’ Consideration of People During Concept Generation
Student: Nina Makhlouf Instructor: Shanna Daly
Single-Tilt In situ Cryogenic TEM Holder Design and Application
Student: EmJ Rennich Instructor: Bogdan Ioan Popa
Northrop Grumman: Automated Satellite Wire Harness Assembly
Student: Larissa Wermers Instructor: Brent Gillespie
Northrop Grumman: Automated Satellite Wire Harness Assembly
Student: Scott Brandenburg Instructor: Brent Gillespie
Passive Audio Amplification for Rainforest Wildlife Recording System
Student: Peter Wacnik Instructor: Shanna Daly

3. Transportation

Provably Safe Motion Planning and Control
Student: Lucas Lymburner Instructor: Ram Vasudevan
Electrified Transportation: The Environmental Impact of the Last Mile
Student: Brendon McMillan Instructor: Kira Barton
City of Ann Arbor: E-Scooter Battery Modeling
Student: Ruben Ramos Instructor: Yue Fan
BioFuel Cloud Point Research
Student: Ravee Bakshi Instructor: Andre Boehman

4. Materials

Unique Dendrite Morphology on Lubricated Icephobic Surfaces
Student: Hunter Gandee Instructor: Solomon Adera
Mechanically intelligent metastructures with machine learning based computing capabilities
Student: Theodore McGregor Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
Origami with Metamaterial Inclusions for Lattice Reconfiguration – Origami Design and Fabrication
Student: Emma Deridder Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
Development of a High-Precision Deposition System for Hydrogel-Based Materials
Student: Noah Brooks Instructor: Allen Liu
Design and experimental validation of a soft multifunctional material
Student: Andrew Yin Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
Machine Learning for Sticking Probability Prediction of Si Nanoparticles in Non-thermal Plasma
Student: Jonathan Lin Instructor: Angela Violi