RISE Technical Abstracts

Through the RISE program, mechanical engineering undergraduate students leverage our state-of-the-art facilities working alongside internationally-renowned faculty to tackle cutting edge projects that impact our society. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS) is the accumulation of the students’ work.

During the day, seniors in ME 490 will present their RISE projects in 20 minute presentations. Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions and ask probing questions!

Sophomores and juniors conclude their projects with a poster session during the evening reception, where students will be available to discuss their projects in detail. The posters will also be on display during the day, if you are unable to attend the reception.

The public is invited to peruse the posters, attend presentations, and interact with the students throughout the day.

Complete poster and presentation schedule details can be found in the Symposium Schedule. RISE project technical abstracts can be viewed below.

Posters (ME 290 and 390)

Investigation into Gasoline Compression ignition
Student: Dylan Fisher Instructor: Andre Boehman
Battery Ingestion Prevention Team
Student: Caroline Fogarty Instructor: Daniel Cooper
Battery Ingestion Prevention Team
Student: Liberty Hudson Instructor: Daniel Cooper
Coin Cell Battery Ingestion Prevention
Student: Noah Maike Instructor: Daniel Cooper
Saw for Cutoff of Titanium Rods in Spinal Surgery
Student: Samuel Russell Instructor: Albert Shih
Bone Drilling Experiment
Student: Ruitao Su Instructor: Albert Shih
Coin Cell Battery Ingestion Prevention Independent Study
Student: Christian Zung Instructor: Daniel Cooper
Origami with Metamaterial Inclusions for Lattice Reconfiguration – Origami Design and Fabrication
Student: Emma Deridder Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
Tile-Based Vacuum-Driven Air Surface With In-Plane Extensibility
Student: Markus Isaacson Instructor: Jon Luntz
Development of the carbon fiber microelectrode array assembly machine
Student: Su Sung Kim Instructor: Albert Shih
Comparison Analysis of Emissions in Certified Diesel, B20 Biodiesel, and B100 Biodiesel
Student: Madhav Bhat Instructor: Andre Boehman
Shape Memory Alloy Research
Student: Matthew Weerakoon Instructor: Ashley Bucsek
Estimating the Mechanical Impedance of the Human Legs During Hopping
Student: Valerie Smith Instructor: Elliott Rouse
Control Ion Flow with Gate Voltage (Electric Field)
Student: Hang Yin Instructor: Wei Lu
Multi-Axial Rigid Load-Bearing Tendon Constrained Inflatable Design Case Study
Student: Natalie Hazapis Instructor: Jon Luntz
Automotive Fuel and Combustion Technology
Student: Enzhong Wang Instructor: Andre Boehman
Robotic Arm for Annealing Spin Coated Perovskite Layers
Student: Albert Wang Instructor: Neil Dasgupta
Driven force for droplets moving in lubricant surface and neumann triangle analysis
Student: Haobo Xu Instructor: Solomon Adera
Water Droplets Merging Dynamics Characterization
Student: Xiaoyu Chen Instructor: Solomon Adera

Paper Sessions (ME 490)

1. Thermo-Fluids

Performance measurement and modeling of wet fibrous thermal insulation
Student: Yire Ahn Instructor: Massoud Kaviany
Identifying potential end-use markets for direct air captured CO2 from a demand-side evaluation.
Student: Kevin Thakkar Instructor: Volker Sick
Design and analysis of prototype photocatalytic reactors with sunlight-induced natural convection
Student: Xingze Dai Instructor: Rohini Bala Chandran
Ureter Peristalsis
Student: Haotian Xie Instructor: Bill Schultz

2. Biomechanics

Developing a Y-Shaped Cutting Device to Experimentally Determine Cutting Properties of Blood Clots
Student: Sophia Newton Instructor: Jonathan Estrada
Design of a Novel Prosthetic Wrist
Student: Vasil Iakimovitch Instructor: Shorya Awtar

3. Materials

Chiral Structure for Bio-Inspired Metamaterial
Student: Phyllis Alinsao Instructor: Serife Tol
Development of Menalon, a High-Precision Deposition System for Hydrogel-Based Materials
Student: Noah Brooks Instructor: Allen Liu
Creating a Metal Biaxial Tensile Testing Rig and studying yield characteristics of aluminum alloys i
Student: Parth Agrawal Instructor: Alan Taub

4. Transportation & Design I

EV Bike Conversion
Student: Mihir Juvvadi Instructor: Anna Stefanopoulou
Using ECG data to Predict Positive Distance Running Experiences
Student: Alexander Netzley Instructor: Noel Perkins
Systems Engineering Explored Through the Vertical Flight Society Design-Build-Fly Competition
Student: Daniel Falvo Instructor: Eric Johnsen

5. Transportation & Design II

3D Printable Torque Wrench for The New Open Source Leg Knee Design
Student: Robyn Pfeiffer Instructor: Elliott Rouse
Developing Economically Sustainable Solutions for Polyamide 12 powders in Selective Laser Sintering
Student: Kevin Bao Instructor: Daniel Cooper
Controls Implementation in Small Robotic Systems
Student: Hector Clarke Instructor: Elliott Rouse
Model Based Systems Engineering: Transition Propulsion System Testing and Selection
Student: Claudia Zimmerman Instructor: Eric Johnsen
Prototype Usage in Remote Stakeholder Engagement During Front-End Design
Student: Lauren Wojciechowski Instructor: Shanna Daly