RISE Technical Abstracts

Through the RISE program, mechanical engineering undergraduate students leverage our state-of-the-art facilities working alongside internationally-renowned faculty to tackle cutting edge projects that impact our society. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS) is the accumulation of the students’ work.

During the day, seniors in ME 490 will present their RISE projects in 20 minute presentations. Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions and ask probing questions!

Sophomores and juniors conclude their projects with a poster session during the evening reception, where students will be available to discuss their projects in detail. The posters will also be on display during the day, if you are unable to attend the reception.

The public is invited to peruse the posters, attend presentations, and interact with the students throughout the day.

Complete poster and presentation schedule details can be found in the Symposium Schedule. RISE project technical abstracts can be viewed below.

Posters (ME 290 and 390)

Finding a Critical Viscosity Ratio for Rolling and Sliding Motion of Droplets on SLIPS
Student: Lisa Kong Instructor: Solomon Adera
Mapping Sustainability and Justice Implications of Offshore Wind Energy in the Great Lakes
Student: Declan McGrath Instructor: Sita Syal
Advanced Magnetic Resonance Methods for Understanding Function in Solid-State Battery Systems
Student: Shunzhi Zhang Instructor: Jing Tang
Esophageal Injury Early Warning System
Student: Sasha Lee Instructor: Grant Kruger
Esophageal Injury Early Warning System
Student: Samantha Nicole Lorzano Instructor: Grant Kruger
Motion Analysis and Design of Bionic Swimming Robot
Student: Naike Wu Instructor: Kenneth Alex Shorter
Motion analysis and design of Bionic swimming robot
Student: Mingkai Xia Instructor: Kenneth Alex Shorter
Motion Analysis and Design of Bionic Swimming Robot
Student: Yuanshao Yang Instructor: Kenneth Alex Shorter
Motion analysis and design of Bionic swimming robot
Student: Junhan Zhang Instructor: Kenneth Alex Shorter

Paper Sessions (ME 490)

1. Bio/Health

Devoloping a Roller Culture for ex-utero Embryos
Student: Haazem Turaani Instructor: Jianping Fu
Development of a Circulator Insole for Diabetic Foot Disease
Student: Samuel Russell Instructor: Albert Shih
Microfluidic Sorting of GUVs by Rigidity for Vascular Margination Applications
Student: Chye Nguiakaramahawongse Instructor: Allen Liu
Constrained Layer Inflatable and Shape Memory Polymer Systems for a Morphing Comfort Headrest
Student: Myles Burchill Instructor: Jon Luntz
Enabling Zero Impact Diesel Engines with Renewable DME
Student: Benjamin Redgate Instructor: Andre Boehman

2. Design 1

Sensor package for agroforestry
Student: Robert Russell Instructor: Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti
Coupled Tendon Constrained Inflatables
Student: Kyler Bautista Instructor: Jon Luntz
Development Tendon Constrained Inflatable Semi-Rigid endcaps for application in Morphing Wing
Student: Lukas Fenske Instructor: Jon Luntz
Porous structures for lightweight automotive components
Student: Erik Wahr Instructor: Mihaela Banu

3. Dynamics/Robotics

RTD for Manipulation Using a Suction Gripper
Student: Matthew Ejakov Instructor: Ram Vasudevan
Snake Fang FEA
Student: William Olenich Instructor: Talia Moore
Chassis Design for a Modular, Low-Cost 6-Legged Robot for Dynamics and Control Experiments (FastAnt)
Student: Dan Altman Instructor: Eric Johnsen
Ergonomic Keyboard Design for Accessibility
Student: Yuandi Huang Instructor: Elliott Rouse
Open Source Leg
Student: Ahmad Mirou Instructor: Elliott Rouse

4. Design 2

Programable Bulk Modulus in Acoustic Metamaterial
Student: Jack Fredrickson Instructor: Bogdan Ioan Popa
Process for Navigating the Design of Structurally Transformational Multimodal Products
Student: Lark Sawyer Instructor: Jon Luntz
Constrained layer inflatables for tile-based morphing surfaces
Student: Parvin Virdee Instructor: Jon Luntz
Integration of Constrained Layer Pneumatic Systems to Enhance Toyotas Mothership Kite Capabilities
Student: Kara Stark Instructor: Jon Luntz
Experimental investigation of a fractal mechanical metamaterial
Student: Alison Brei Instructor: Kon-Well Wang

5. Fluids

Visualizing Ice Attachment Mechanism to Solid Surfaces
Student: Matthew Lajoie Instructor: Solomon Adera
Droplet impact dynamics on state-of-the-art engineered surfaces
Student: Jared Liebetreu Instructor: Solomon Adera
Inflatables using Shear Thickening Fluid for Energy Absorption
Student: Marianne Lee Instructor: Jon Luntz
Analytical Prediction For Cavitation Pressure Wave
Student: Sunaad Gurajada Instructor: Eric Johnsen