RISE Technical Abstracts

Through the RISE program, mechanical engineering undergraduate students leverage our state-of-the-art facilities working alongside internationally-renowned faculty to tackle cutting edge projects that impact our society. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS) is the accumulation of the students’ work.

During the day, seniors in ME 490 will present their RISE projects in 20 minute presentations. Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions and ask probing questions!

Sophomores and juniors conclude their projects with a poster session during the evening reception, where students will be available to discuss their projects in detail. The posters will also be on display during the day, if you are unable to attend the reception.

The public is invited to peruse the posters, attend presentations, and interact with the students throughout the day.

Complete poster and presentation schedule details can be found in the Symposium Schedule. RISE project technical abstracts can be viewed below.

Posters (ME 290 and 390)

Pace Buddy
Student: Sarah Corbe Instructor: Noel Perkins
Driving Surrogate Full Car Conversion
Student: William O'Neal Instructor: Diann Brei
A Systematic Approach towards Efficient Chemical Doping of Molecular Semiconductors
Student: Adithi Jagannadhan Instructor: Kevin Pipe
Capability Exploration for Large Scale CNC Inflatable Bladder Maker
Student: Jackson Teener Instructor: Diann Brei

Paper Sessions (ME 490)

1. Thermofluids I

Electrochemical Interface Kinetics of Evaporated Lithium on Li7La3Zr2O12 Solid-State Electrolytes
Student: Issac Loo Instructor: Jeff Sakamoto
Comparing Measured and Analytical Air Fuel Ratios of Engine Exhaust
Student: Ryan Sebastian Instructor: Andre Boehman
Temperature Regulation of Prosthetic Liners and Additive Manufacturing of Ankle Foot Orthoses
Student: Ryan Posh Instructor: Albert Shih

2. Smart Design I

Inflatable Cargo Retention
Student: My Do Instructor: Diann Brei
Inflatable Pocket Storage Compartment
Student: Betty Wan Instructor: Diann Brei
Active Porosity Vehicle Trim
Student: Paul Powers Instructor: Diann Brei
Cargo Mat
Student: Ankita Sharma Instructor: Diann Brei
Inflatable Roof Surface for Improved Towing Aerodynamics
Student: Paul Gerisch Instructor: Diann Brei
Medical Device-Based Mechanotransductive Growth Studies for Correcting Short Bowel
Student: Sarah Wang Instructor: Diann Brei

3. Thermofluids II

Strain Engineering of the Carrier Mobility in Molecular Semiconductors
Student: Yuanzhen Fan Instructor: Kevin Pipe
Image Processing of Infrared Images for applications in Heavy Duty Natural Gas Combustion Engines
Student: Margaret Poppe Instructor: Volker Sick
Parallelized, real-time, metabolic-rate measurements from individual Drosophila
Student: Milco Cipriani Instructor: Edgar Meyhofer
Automatic Leak Detection and Mitigation in Electro-Pneumatic Devices
Student: Brandon Mason Instructor: Kira Barton

4. In Quest for Sustainable Solutions

Problem Framing Outcomes Paper
Student: Maya Makhlouf Instructor: Shanna Daly
ENGR 355: Finding Genuine Fieldwork Opportunities
Student: Abby Chapin Instructor: Steve Skerlos
Untapped Waves
Student: Jordan Case Instructor: Karl Grosh
Untapped Waves
Student: Anna Hardig Instructor: Karl Grosh
Determining Feasibility of Carbon Neutrality on Campus Buildings
Student: Kate Peterson Instructor: Steve Skerlos

5. Dynamics and Controls

Quadrotor Trajectory Optimization using motion primitives
Student: Sunbochen Tang Instructor: Anna Stefanopoulou
Analysis of Parametrically Resonant Micromirror Dynamics
Student: Nadim Bari Instructor: Kenn Oldham
Dynamic Modeling of Lithium Ion Battery Cells to Characterize Aging and Thermal Strain
Student: Matthew Schafer Instructor: Anna Stefanopoulou
Implementation of LSPI Protection Algorithm
Student: Alexander Eskenazi-Gold Instructor: Anna Stefanopoulou
Pace Buddy
Student: Ellen Rombach Instructor: Noel Perkins
Prosthetic Test Rig Design and Controller Applications to Physical Systems
Student: Justin Holmer Instructor: Elliott Rouse

6. Smart Design II

Design of a Smart Acoustic Window Device
Student: Vladimir Krokhmal Instructor: Bogdan Ioan Popa
Inflatable Steering with Tailor-able Steering Feel
Student: Hao Luo Instructor: Diann Brei
Inflatable Silicone 3D Printed Cargo Retention Attachments
Student: Blaise Nugent Instructor: Diann Brei
Engineering students' product design idea generation, development and selection behavior
Student: Varghese Vadakumcherry Instructor: Shanna Daly