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RISE Technical Abstracts

Through the RISE program, mechanical engineering undergraduate students leverage our state-of-the-art facilities working alongside internationally-renowned faculty to tackle cutting edge projects that impact our society. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS) is the accumulation of the students’ work.

During the day, seniors in ME 490 will present their RISE projects in 20 minute presentations. Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions and ask probing questions!

Sophomores and juniors conclude their projects with a poster session during the evening reception, where students will be available to discuss their projects in detail. The posters will also be on display during the day, if you are unable to attend the reception.

The public is invited to peruse the posters, attend presentations, and interact with the students throughout the day.

Complete poster and presentation schedule details can be found in the Symposium Schedule. RISE project technical abstracts can be viewed below.

Posters (ME 290 and 390)

Bulk Modulus of Compressibility of Different fuels
Student: Jiawei Song Instructor: Andre Boehman
Thin-film Piezoelectric Microactuators for Into-tissue Imaging by Endoscopic Microscopy
Student: Issac Loo Instructor: Kenn Oldham
Design of a Reconfigurable 3D Printer
Student: Justin Joseph Instructor: Chinedum Okwudire
Redesign of Experimental Set-up for Dual Beam Laser Welding
Student: Quinton Ho Instructor: Elijah Kannatey-Asibu Jr
Modeling bi-directional trust in semi-autonomy for improved system performance
Student: Beth Beindit Instructor: Dawn Tilbury
Non-Linear Control System for Lightweight and Portable Transportation Device
Student: Benjamin Eu Instructor: Ram Vasudevan

Paper Sessions (ME 490)

1. Thermal and Fluidic Systems

CFD Modeling of Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing
Student: Maxwell Wu Instructor: Kira Barton
Ignition Experiments on Cetane Reference Fuels
Student: Archit Gupta Instructor: Andre Boehman
Analysis of Spray Geometry
Student: Evan Harris Instructor: Andre Boehman
Microfluidics/Nanoelectronics-Integrated biosensors with mechanical flexibility
Student: Jung Hyuk Kim Instructor: Xiaogan Liang

2. Smart Materials Devices and Structures

3D-printed Self-Locking Origami Metamaterials with Piecewise Stiffness
Student: Shihcheng Chu Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
Piezoelectric Polymer REM Sleep Sensor
Student: Andrew Holmes Instructor: Kenn Oldham
Variably Ventilated Veneers
Student: Brian Kalinowski Instructor: Diann Brei

3. Acoustics

Detection of Transients in Noise
Student: David Lectka Instructor: David Dowling
Measurement of the Theorized Frequency-Difference Autoproduct Field
Student: Jessica Lipa Instructor: David Dowling
Relationship between tail-pipe bevel angle and reflection coefficient at low acoustic frequencies
Student: Stefano DeBellis Instructor: David Dowling

4. Actuators and Sensors

Investigation into the energetic effects of various spinal morphologies in quadrupedal robots
Student: William Yang Instructor: C. David Remy
Knitting Active Materials
Student: Sumayya Atmeh Instructor: Diann Brei
Cardiovascular Sensing-Finger Phantom Construction
Student: George Tsirukis Instructor: Kenn Oldham

5. Sensing and Controls

Software-defined Control of Smart Manufacturing Systems
Student: Vincent Salpietro Instructor: Dawn Tilbury
Biometric Sensor Integration into Automotive Systems
Student: Syed Mahdi Instructor: Diann Brei
Development and Validation of a Toolkit for Time Series Data Feature Selection
Student: Anne Gu Instructor: Kira Barton

6. Device Design and Testing

Stress/Strain Testing on Patient Ovarian Cancer Cells
Student: John Bohenick Instructor: Krishna Garikipati
Design, modeling, and experimental evaluation of non-invasive methods for bio-logging sensors
Student: Riley Doherty Instructor: Kira Barton
Veinless Vents
Student: Mary McMeekin Instructor: Diann Brei
Inflatable Attachments
Student: Jesse Velleu Instructor: Diann Brei
Software-defined Control of Smart Manufacturing Systems
Student: Michael Murray Instructor: Kira Barton

7. Fluids and Gases

Development of an Aerosol Deposition System for Battery Prototyping
Student: Kenny Van Instructor: Jeff Sakamoto
The Effects of Diffusion of non-Condensable Gases on Cavitation in Soft Tissue
Student: Daniel Knister Instructor: Eric Johnsen
Ultraviolet Cleaning of Diesel Fuel
Student: Benjamin Golder Instructor: Andre Boehman
Edge Detection Method to support differential approach to CBR
Student: Xi Chen Instructor: Bill Schultz