Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS)

December 9th, 2021

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1. Biomechanics and biomedical engineering
Session Chair: Jesse Capecelatro & Eric Johnsen
Room: 2540 GGB - (Passcode 776827)
8:20 AM
Adaptive Design for Human Mobility
Student: John Oraa
Instructor: Jingwen Hu
8:40 AM
Preemptive Motion-Sickness Mitigation
Student: Daniel Yan
Instructor: Shorya Awtar
9:00 AM
Design of Prostheses for Human Knee Articulation
Student: Reid Backus
Instructor: Albert Shih
9:20 AM
Electronic Shocks
Student: Hector Clarke
Instructor: Elliott Rouse
9:40 AM
Estimating the Mechanical Impedance of the Human Legs During Hopping
Student: Valerie Smith
Instructor: Elliott Rouse
10:05 AM
Design of a Novel Prosthetic Wrist
Student: Vasil Iakimovitch
Instructor: Shorya Awtar
10:25 AM
Visualizing Telematic Music Performance
Student: Katherine Martin
Instructor: Brent Gillespie
2. Design
Session Chair: Jon Luntz & Daniel Cooper
Room: 2636 GGB - (Passcode 859174)
8:40 AM
Waterproof Enclosure Design
Student: Noah Lichtenberg
Instructor: Jon Luntz
9:00 AM
MDP: Advanced Controls for Refrigeration
Student: Shivastu Kartik
Instructor: Kazu Saitou
9:20 AM
On-Orbit Augmentation Components for Satellites
Student: Rachel Li
Instructor: Eric Johnsen
9:40 AM
Extending Satellite Life via Deployable Solar Arrays and Non-destructive Attachment
Student: Rohan Valluri
Instructor: Eric Johnsen
10:30 AM
Investigating Design Students’ Consideration of People During Concept Generation
Student: Nina Makhlouf
Instructor: Shanna Daly
10:50 AM
Single-Tilt In situ Cryogenic TEM Holder Design and Application
Student: EmJ Rennich
Instructor: Bogdan Ioan Popa
11:10 AM
Northrop Grumman: Automated Satellite Wire Harness Assembly
Student: Larissa Wermers
Instructor: Brent Gillespie
11:30 AM
Northrop Grumman: Automated Satellite Wire Harness Assembly
Student: Scott Brandenburg
Instructor: Brent Gillespie
12:00 PM
Passive Audio Amplification for Rainforest Wildlife Recording System
Student: Peter Wacnik
Instructor: Shanna Daly
3. Transportation
Session Chair: Jon Luntz
Room: 2540 GGB - (Passcode 228012)
11:00 AM
Provably Safe Motion Planning and Control
Student: Lucas Lymburner
Instructor: Ram Vasudevan
11:40 AM
Electrified Transportation: The Environmental Impact of the Last Mile
Student: Brendon McMillan
Instructor: Kira Barton
12:10 PM
City of Ann Arbor: E-Scooter Battery Modeling
Student: Ruben Ramos
Instructor: Yue Fan
12:30 PM
BioFuel Cloud Point Research
Student: Ravee Bakshi
Instructor: Andre Boehman
4. Materials
Session Chair: Eric Johnsen & Massoud Kaviany
Room: 2636 GGB - (Passcode 231742)
12:25 PM
Unique Dendrite Morphology on Lubricated Icephobic Surfaces
Student: Hunter Gandee
Instructor: Solomon Adera
12:45 PM
Mechanically intelligent metastructures with machine learning based computing capabilities
Student: Theodore McGregor
Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
1:05 PM
Origami with Metamaterial Inclusions for Lattice Reconfiguration – Origami Design and Fabrication
Student: Emma Deridder
Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
1:30 PM
Development of a High-Precision Deposition System for Hydrogel-Based Materials
Student: Noah Brooks
Instructor: Allen Liu
1:50 PM
Design and experimental validation of a soft multifunctional material
Student: Andrew Yin
Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
2:10 PM
Machine Learning for Sticking Probability Prediction of Si Nanoparticles in Non-thermal Plasma
Student: Jonathan Lin
Instructor: Angela Violi