Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS)

April 18th, 2024

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1. Bio/Health
Session Chair: Eric Johnsen
Room: 2540 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 587142)
8:00 AM
Devoloping a Roller Culture for ex-utero Embryos
Student: Haazem Turaani
Instructor: Jianping Fu
8:20 AM
Development of a Circulator Insole for Diabetic Foot Disease
Student: Samuel Russell
Instructor: Albert Shih
8:40 AM
Microfluidic Sorting of GUVs by Rigidity for Vascular Margination Applications
Student: Chye Nguiakaramahawongse
Instructor: Allen Liu
9:00 AM
Constrained Layer Inflatable and Shape Memory Polymer Systems for a Morphing Comfort Headrest
Student: Myles Burchill
Instructor: Jon Luntz
9:20 AM
Enabling Zero Impact Diesel Engines with Renewable DME
Student: Benjamin Redgate
Instructor: Andre Boehman
2. Design 1
Session Chair: Chenhui Shao
Room: 2540 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 587142)
9:50 AM
Sensor package for agroforestry
Student: Robert Russell
Instructor: Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti

Abstract Available
10:30 AM
Coupled Tendon Constrained Inflatables
Student: Kyler Bautista
Instructor: Jon Luntz
10:50 AM
Development Tendon Constrained Inflatable Semi-Rigid endcaps for application in Morphing Wing
Student: Lukas Fenske
Instructor: Jon Luntz
11:10 AM
Porous structures for lightweight automotive components
Student: Erik Wahr
Instructor: Mihaela Banu
3. Dynamics/Robotics
Session Chair: Eric Johnsen
Room: 2540 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 587142)
11:40 AM
RTD for Manipulation Using a Suction Gripper
Student: Matthew Ejakov
Instructor: Ram Vasudevan
12:00 PM
Snake Fang FEA
Student: William Olenich
Instructor: Talia Moore
12:20 PM
Chassis Design for a Modular, Low-Cost 6-Legged Robot for Dynamics and Control Experiments (FastAnt)
Student: Dan Altman
Instructor: Eric Johnsen
12:40 PM
Ergonomic Keyboard Design for Accessibility
Student: Yuandi Huang
Instructor: Elliott Rouse
1:00 PM
Open Source Leg
Student: Ahmad Mirou
Instructor: Elliott Rouse
4. Design 2
Session Chair: Michael Thouless
Room: 2636 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 267332)
10:50 AM
Programable Bulk Modulus in Acoustic Metamaterial
Student: Jack Fredrickson
Instructor: Bogdan Ioan Popa
11:10 AM
Process for Navigating the Design of Structurally Transformational Multimodal Products
Student: Lark Sawyer
Instructor: Jon Luntz
11:30 AM
Constrained layer inflatables for tile-based morphing surfaces
Student: Parvin Virdee
Instructor: Jon Luntz
11:50 AM
Integration of Constrained Layer Pneumatic Systems to Enhance Toyotas Mothership Kite Capabilities
Student: Kara Stark
Instructor: Jon Luntz
12:10 PM
Experimental investigation of a fractal mechanical metamaterial
Student: Alison Brei
Instructor: Kon-Well Wang
5. Fluids
Session Chair: Jon Luntz
Room: 2636 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 267332)
2:30 PM
Visualizing Ice Attachment Mechanism to Solid Surfaces
Student: Matthew Lajoie
Instructor: Solomon Adera
2:50 PM
Droplet impact dynamics on state-of-the-art engineered surfaces
Student: Jared Liebetreu
Instructor: Solomon Adera
3:10 PM
Inflatables using Shear Thickening Fluid for Energy Absorption
Student: Marianne Lee
Instructor: Jon Luntz
3:30 PM
Analytical Prediction For Cavitation Pressure Wave
Student: Sunaad Gurajada
Instructor: Eric Johnsen