Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS)

April 14th, 2022

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1. Thermo-Fluids
Session Chair:
Room: 2636 GGB - (Passcode 728848)
8:15 AM
Performance measurement and modeling of wet fibrous thermal insulation
Student: Yire Ahn
Instructor: Massoud Kaviany
8:35 AM
Identifying potential end-use markets for direct air captured CO2 from a demand-side evaluation.
Student: Kevin Thakkar
Instructor: Volker Sick
8:55 AM
Design and analysis of prototype photocatalytic reactors with sunlight-induced natural convection
Student: Xingze Dai
Instructor: Rohini Bala Chandran
9:15 AM
Ureter Peristalsis
Student: Haotian Xie
Instructor: Bill Schultz
2. Biomechanics
Session Chair:
Room: 2636 GGB - (Passcode 728848)
10:00 AM
Developing a Y-Shaped Cutting Device to Experimentally Determine Cutting Properties of Blood Clots
Student: Sophia Newton
Instructor: Jonathan Estrada
10:20 AM
Design of a Novel Prosthetic Wrist
Student: Vasil Iakimovitch
Instructor: Shorya Awtar
3. Materials
Session Chair:
Room: 2636 GGB - (Passcode 728848)
10:40 AM
Chiral Structure for Bio-Inspired Metamaterial
Student: Phyllis Alinsao
Instructor: Serife Tol
11:00 AM
Development of Menalon, a High-Precision Deposition System for Hydrogel-Based Materials
Student: Noah Brooks
Instructor: Allen Liu
11:20 AM
Creating a Metal Biaxial Tensile Testing Rig and studying yield characteristics of aluminum alloys i
Student: Parth Agrawal
Instructor: Alan Taub
4. Transportation & Design I
Session Chair:
Room: 2636 GGB - (Passcode 728848)
11:45 AM
EV Bike Conversion
Student: Mihir Juvvadi
Instructor: Anna Stefanopoulou
12:05 PM
Using ECG data to Predict Positive Distance Running Experiences
Student: Alexander Netzley
Instructor: Noel Perkins
12:25 PM
Systems Engineering Explored Through the Vertical Flight Society Design-Build-Fly Competition
Student: Daniel Falvo
Instructor: Eric Johnsen
12:45 PM
Exploring Systems Engineerings With the Design and Testing of Propulsion Systems
Student: Anna Eaglesham
Instructor: Eric Johnsen
5. Transportation & Design II
Session Chair:
Room: 2636 GGB - (Passcode 728848)
1:10 PM
3D Printable Torque Wrench for The New Open Source Leg Knee Design
Student: Robyn Pfeiffer
Instructor: Elliott Rouse
1:30 PM
Developing Economically Sustainable Solutions for Polyamide 12 powders in Selective Laser Sintering
Student: Kevin Bao
Instructor: Daniel Cooper
1:50 PM
Controls Implementation in Small Robotic Systems
Student: Hector Clarke
Instructor: Elliott Rouse
2:10 PM
Model Based Systems Engineering: Transition Propulsion System Testing and Selection
Student: Claudia Zimmerman
Instructor: Eric Johnsen
2:40 PM
Prototype Usage in Remote Stakeholder Engagement During Front-End Design
Student: Lauren Wojciechowski
Instructor: Shanna Daly