Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Symposium (MEUS)

November 30th, 2023

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1. Thermal-Fluids Sciences & Automotive
Session Chair:
Room: 2540 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 958046)
8:15 AM
Student: Henry Persons Vi
Instructor: Jesse Capecelatro
8:35 AM
Modeling Human Driver Performance with Visual and Auditory tasks by Implementing QN-MHP
Student: Haoran Ma
Instructor: Tulga Ersal
9:15 AM
PREACT Motion Sickness Mitigation in Autonomous Vehicles using Preemptive Control of Active Systems
Student: Michael Wachsman
Instructor: Shorya Awtar
9:35 AM
Smart morphable surface for active drag reduction on a sphere
Student: Aditya Madhukar
Instructor: Anchal Sareen
2. Design & Manufacturing
Session Chair:
Room: 2540 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 958046)
10:05 AM
DOE Wind Turbine Mold Frame Design
Student: Alec Zielaskowski
Instructor: Kazu Saitou
10:25 AM
Modeling Wave Characteristics For Desalination Glider Deployment
Student: Brendan Rindfusz
Instructor: Christopher Vermillion
10:45 AM
Multi-Material 3D-Printed Spine
Student: Saima Jamal
Instructor: Talia Moore
11:05 AM
Safety Enclosure for Robotic Depowdering
Student: Matthew Szatkowski
Instructor: Chinedum Okwudire
11:25 AM
Fractional Crystallization for Aluminum Alloy Recycling
Student: Ian Beaufait
Instructor: Daniel Cooper
3. Mechanics & Materials
Session Chair:
Room: 2540 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 958046)
11:55 AM
Characterization of Microgel Behavior
Student: Brandon Brozich
Instructor: Jonathan Estrada
12:15 PM
Poling and Piezoelectric Testing of Polymer Membranes
Student: Jonny Ma
Instructor: Wei Lu
12:35 PM
Defect in Materials on A Atomic Level
Student: Haazem Turaani
Instructor: Yue Fan
12:55 PM
Porous structures for lightweight automotive components
Student: Erik Wahr
Instructor: Mihaela Banu
4. Dynamics & Robotics
Session Chair:
Room: 2540 GGB
Virtual Link: (Passcode 958046)
1:25 PM
RTD for Manipulation Using a Suction Gripper
Student: Matthew Ejakov
Instructor: Ram Vasudevan
1:45 PM
Resilient Teaming (Developing and Testing Multi-Agent Algorithms for Robotic Operators)
Student: Nolan Theeke-Gallego
Instructor: Kira Barton
2:05 PM
Motion Sickness Analysis and Prediction
Student: Saahas Kumar
Instructor: Shorya Awtar
2:25 PM
PRE-ACT Preemptively Controlled Active Seating, Restraint, and Passenger Stimuli Systems
Student: Bradley Kerr
Instructor: Shorya Awtar
2:45 PM
Untitled Project
Student: Myles Burchill
Instructor: Jon Luntz
3:05 PM
Simulation and Analysis of Mixed-traffic Intersection
Student: Yanyu Chen
Instructor: Gabor Orosz
3:25 PM
Untitled Project
Student: Peichen Yu
Instructor: Jon Luntz